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Whether you’re going to party with a group of friends or simply enjoying a day out, yacht charters are always a great idea.

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At Yacht Rental Miami Beach you can rent a 50′ yacht starting at $900 for four hours! Ask about our holiday specials today!

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    What’s a Yacht party like in Miami

    Yacht Rental Miami Beach provides yachts for groups and individuals that are suitable for water-sports, catering, entertainment and cruising under the sun. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, water skiing, ocean kayaking, jet skiing, among other fun activities.

    Whether you’re going to party with a group of friends, celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party, hosting a business meeting, or simply enjoying a day out, yacht charters are always a great idea.

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    How much does it cost to rent a yacht

    Yacht rentals in Miami Beach usually cost 1500 – 5000 Depending on the size and features of the boat. Usually, the 50-foot yacht will cost on Average $2000 for 4 hours to charter in Miami Beach and 3000$ for 6 hours. And that is for a 15-minute cruise until the destination where the boat will be anchored and alcohol will be served.

    Prices are higher for large luxury yachts and prices vary depending on size and if you want a chef, bartender, jet skis, DJ on board, or paid entertainment (girls, or guys).

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    Where Can You Charter Yachts in Miami

    Around the Star Islands, Miami Downtown, Brickell, Brickell Key, Key Biscayne, Nixon Sandbar, the list goes on!

    You can charter a yacht anywhere you want. The most common thing to do would be a short trip and anchor around a very popular spot like Star Island, Monument Island, or Nixon Sandbar, but you can always choose to pick any destination you want including the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, or even a tour of the Miami Bay and all the famous islands. You will just have to account for extra fuel expenses if you wish to go further away!

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    How Many People Can We Bring

    On yachts, less than 20 feet in length with no capacity plate, you can use the following rule of thumb to calculate the number of persons (weighing 150 lbs. each, on average) the boat can carry safely in good weather conditions.

    Number of people
    (boat length (ft.)
    boat width (ft.))

    For example, for a boat 18 feet long by 6 feet wide, the number of persons is 18 times 6 (or 108) divided by 15, which equals seven 150-lb. persons (or a total person weight of 7 × 150, or 1050 lbs.).

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    What to Bring

    You can bring pretty much whatever you want, most definitely bring towels. Even though drinks are included in the price, you’re always more than welcome to bring your own drinks and food.