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Yacht Parties

Miami is famous for its yacht parties. You can go on a yacht to celebrate special occasions like bachelorette or bachelor parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or just to simply enjoy a sunny day out with your friends & family.

Where to go?  

The following are the marinas in Miami where you can go if you are looking to have some fun in the sea:

Miamarina at Bayside in Downtown

This marina is located in the Bayside Marketplace in Miami. It is a walking distance from downtown. MiaMarina has a long history as it was established in 1930.

The specialty of Miamarina at Bayside in downtown is that they have wooden docks and staffs and securities are available for 24 hours.

Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove

This is one of the largest marinas in Florida. It is centrally located and here you can go fishing or go for a quick bite at Monty’s.

Miami Beach Marina in South Beach

This is a very beautiful marina in south beach and provides a multitude of services to the visitors.

Matheson Hammock Marina in Coral Gables

It is one of the most popular marinas. It is preferred by the boaters as well as by the individuals who are finding spots to have fun waterside.

Crandon marina and marine stadium marina on key Biscayne

This place is famous for beautiful sunsets and pleasant ocean breezes. It is located at the Crandon Boulevard in Miami, Florida. They are open all day long and has is an amazing fishing spot.

Herbert Hoover Marina at Homestead Bayfront Park

It is located in Canal drive in Miami and is famous for having crystal clear waters. It is the safest place to enjoy and they are famous for protecting nature along with providing entertainment. Black point marina in the homestead- It is one of the largest marinas in Miami. It is close to Biscayne Park.

It is famous for holding special events from time to time.

Bill bird marina in sunny isles beach

It is located in the Collins Avenue in Miami and is opened all day long. In this place resides the largest charter.

Pelican Harbour Marina in North Bay Village

This marina is located in the shores of Miami, Florida and also has a bird sanctuary. It is a huge island with many amenities available.

What days are available?  

They are available for the full year. Any month of the year you visit or any day, you would find them available. The clients just have to fill out a form which is available on the site to inquire about a specific date they want to visit or a specific sailboat they want to book. The staffs are very helpful and they shall provide you with all the requisite details you want.

What is the cost of a party boat Miami?  

The party boats at Miami, are available at affordable prices. They will not cost a larger part of your income. The cost of booking a party boat at Miami depends upon a lot of factors, the destination, size and features of the boat, being some of them. With the increase in the size of the boat, your cost of booking that boat will also increase. The average cost of booking a party boat Miami is $80-$200 per person for approximately 4 hours partying.  The cost of booking the boat shall include the fuel prices, the services provided by a captain, unlimited drinks and skipper.

These facilities are included in the cost of booking that is taken from the customers. If you want to add on services like a barbecue on board of DJ facility or some entertainment shows, then these services are not complementary, you need to pay extra for availing these services. However, the actual price of the boat and its availability can be checked by filling up a form which is available on site.

What are the destinations where you can go?  

The following are some of the destinations where you can go:  Star Islands/Miami Beach Bay- It is an island made by man and not natural. It is neighboring to the city of the Miami Beach. There are many celebrities who own home on this island and people who visit here are mesmerized by its beauty.

Miami Downtown

It is an urban city which is based in the heart of Miami, Florida. It is a center for all the commercial activities in South Florida. Along with commercial activities, it is also known for its financial and cultural events.

Brickell/Brickell Key

It is also called Claughton Island and is exquisite in its own way. It is also in the neighborhood of Miami. Key Biscayne- It is an island located in the south of Miami Beach. It is a must stop and your trip to Miami is not complete without visiting this place. It has many sunny beaches and is covered with flora, making it a beautiful site.

Nixon Sandbar- It is a host of many boats and arranges many parties here. It is a treasure which garners all boats and yachts. You can avail several facilities like swimming, jet skiing, drinking, etc.

Bahamas/Bimini/Exuma/Major Cay (Pig Island)

This place is commonly called pig island because you can swim here along with pigs. Yes, you heard it correct. Here you can have adventurous swimming with pigs.

Florida Keys

You vacation does not end without stopping at the Florida Keys. It is a very famous chain of islands in Florida. It gives you pleasure and a perfect vacation.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel comp

It provides you with all the facilities keeping in mind your need and personal preferences. It provides you with everything right from drinks to even reservations at the most beautiful hotels. This place is the most outstanding place in

Miami EPIC Hotel

This place provides the customers all the luxury making it one the best place where a person can stay for a few days in Miami. It provides the customers with an enriching experience and gives them a chance of experiencing an extravagant living.

SEASPICE Restaurant and Waterfront Lounge

It is located in the north river drive and it exemplifies the experience of dining in a location located at the waterfront.

LIQUE Restaurant and Waterfront Lounge

It is a very sophisticated and elegant place with vibrant colour walls all around and a bar giving the customers a very good experience.

Bayside Market

This place is a local gathering of all the good shops and restaurants in Miami. There are many attractions here, making it a must visit for everyone.

How many people can be accommodated at a time? 

The number of people that can be accommodated in a boat always depends upon the size of the boat. The bigger the boat, the larger the crowd you can garner.

You can check the actual number of persons allowed at the boat by asking the staffs on site. However, a boat whose length is less than 20 feet and has no capacity plate, then the number of persons who can be accommodated in such a boat can be calculated with the help of rule of thumb. It is pertinent to note, that a boat whose length is less than 20 feet can carry persons having a weight of approximately 150lbs per person.

The boat which accommodates the right number of persons and the right weights can carry the passengers safely provided the weather conditions are favorable.  You can calculate the number of persons which can accommodate in a single boat by multiplying the length and width of the boat and then dividing it with by 15.

The result is the number of persons who can be accommodated in a boat whose length in less 20 feet. The resultant number of persons should be multiplied by 150 lbs to get the approximate total weight that the boat can carry safely.

For example, If the boat is 15 feet long and is 4 feet broad, then the number of persons the boat can accommodate will be 15 multiplied with 4 i.e., 60 divided by 15 is 4 and the total weight that the boat can carry will be 4 multiplied with 150 lbs i.e., 600 lbs. Therefore, a boat which is 15 feet long and has a width of 4 feet can accommodate 4 persons in total and can safely carry 600 lbs weight.

What can you bring?  

You can carry whatever you want to carry along with yourself. There is no restriction on the things you want to carry. However, carrying a towel is something that is highly recommended. The boat has the facility of providing unlimited drinks complimentary to every passenger but if you still want, you can carry your own drink and food.


To sum up, yacht parties in Miami are the fun thing to do while you visit Miami. Even if you are a local and what to spend your day in a different manner then you can book your own boat or visit any boat party conducted in Miami. Want to celebrate your or your loved one’s birthday in the most memorable way? If yes, book your yacht now!

Technical Details
  • Model : NIXE99
  • Length: 4.20 m 13’9″
  • Width: 1.75 m 5’9
  • Weight: 86 kg 190 lb
  • Date: 2016